About Walk

Our 'WHY'

Helping people consistently grow
in their walks with God

Walk is a 501(c)(3) non-profit based in Dallas, TX.

Every idea starts with a question. Ours was simple...

What's a delightful way to learn about a topic that God is stirring in my heart?

Beyond inspired, we were compelled to pursue this beautiful question.

It stirred us to pray, to brainstorm, to sketch and to ask more questions. Questions like...

What if it was as simple to study spiritual topics as it is to discover music and news?

How might an app help me unpack learnings against the backdrop of my life?

And what if a generation began to regularly love spending time with God?

What ensued was remarkably simple.

A personally-relevant and bite-sized way to study topics that God is prompting us towards.

Encouraging consistency, depth, and reflection, the Walk app is a personalized experience for time with God.

It provokes a heart rhythm. Through solid content and timeless scripture, each day brings you fresh ways to grow in your walk with God.

So whether it be to pray fervently, live generously, love selflessly, or renew your mind…may we seek God for His leading in our lives.

For in His presence is indeed fullness of joy.

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