Our Mission

Our mission

Helping people consistently grow
in their walks with God

Walk is a 501(c)(3) non-profit based in Dallas, TX.

Ideas often start with a question. Ours was simple...

What is God stirring in my heart?

Beyond inspired, we were compelled to pursue this beautiful question.

It stirred us to pray, brainstorm, sketch, design, code and ask more questions. Questions like...

How might we become more of who God has called us to be?

What if a generation began to love to walk with God?

What ensued was remarkably simple.

A personally-relevant + bite-sized way to study topics that God is prompting us towards.

Encouraging consistency, depth, and reflection, Walk is a tool for spending daily time with God.

It provokes a heart rhythm.

Through solid teachings, God's Word, and guided prayers, each day brings you fresh ways to spend time with Him.

But let's be clear on what Walk is not...

It's not a substitute for the local church.
It's not a replacement for community.
It's not the same as life-on-life discipleship.

While it complements those, the Christian life is meant to be lived in community with other believers. We hope that you would be actively involved in a local church.

And know that God doesn't need an app to speak to us.
He doesn't need technology.
His Word is perfect.
His Spirit is at work in our hearts.
His power and creativity are clearly seen in nature.
And He works through others to help us grow.

May Walk simply be another tool to help you on your journey to to know, glorify and enjoy God.

Thanks for joining us on this mission!

- Team Walk


We're a group of creatives and engineers that 'o so love Jesus!

Want to get in touch? We'd love to hear from you: hello@thewalkapp.com.

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